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edjufy is young, dynamic and wants to achieve great things. Because anyone who tries to loosen up the encrusted administrative system in Germany needs courage, strength and perseverance. Humour is also helpful.

edjufy GmbH from Munich is a real start-up. Two young and intelligent minds join forces, recognise a need and strive to remedy it. Specifically, it's about the administration in educational institutions such as schools or daycare centres, which for the most part still feels like it's at the level of the 80s. Parents are delighted every time they receive a printed notice on three pages with a request for signature instead of a simple e-mail. What is annoying for parents is sometimes very time-consuming for administrative staff. The software from edjufy therefore offers several modules that greatly simplify the administrative work in educational institutions, while networking all the important people and enabling much more comprehensive and at the same time faster communication. Despite its digital character, the developers place a lot of emphasis on data security, efficiency and ease of use.

A practical but little-known solution

How do you communicate a solution that many school administrators do not yet see a need for? How do you make yourself credibly relevant when there is no budget in many institutions? How do you address target groups that are not digitally savvy? The comprehensive measures in the area of brand communication of edjufy GmbH have to fulfil numerous tasks:

  • Remove all concerns about digital solutions
  • Act professionally competent and yet emotional
  • Address several, completely different target groups
  • Communicate identically digitally and analogue
  • Build trust
  • Demonstrate necessity

edjufy is faced with the challenge of presenting the solution in such a way that even long-established people are convinced. We are faced with the task of creating the communicative basis for this.


The higher the visibility, the greater the chances of awareness and customer acquisition. The easiest way to increase visibility is through digital advertising. Based on a comprehensive analysis, a concept was developed with which edjufy's solutions can be targeted to the appropriate target groups. This approach runs through several channels and uses the same communicative basis, but with different tonality. Design, content and marketing knowledge intertwine to achieve the greatest possible effect.

  • conception
  • target group analyse
  • Design
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Monitoring


With motion pictures, complex issues can be presented simply, dynamically and in a way that is appropriate for the target group. Instead of long box sentences in which the explanations are prepared individually for each point as far as possible, moving images can convey much more content through the combination of dynamic visual elements and simultaneous information transfer. That was two sentences - you'd better watch the video directly...

  • conception

  • creation of a Storyboards

  • creation of first Scribbles

  • texting


  • Set to audio


The right graphics can achieve a lot. More emotionality, more competence, more information. Graphics deliver more of everything. That's why all edjufy communication channels have been graphically redesigned. Both the website and offline materials such as white papers or cover letters shine in new, optimised splendour. Call-to-actions, header areas, layout and USPs were analysed, adapted, standardised and redesigned. The complete design of edjufy is now on a uniformly high level.

  • UX Analyse
  • conception
  • Design
  • Layout optimisation


A consistent communication structure ensures trust and identity across all communication channels. From the claim to the advertising and website texts to marketing materials, the basic tenor must always be identical. At the same time, a certain flexibility is necessary to be able to address the respective target groups in a targeted manner. From small to large, from the general to the specific. Optimal communication is the basis for any success. To achieve this success, all communication channels were turned inside out. Although no Destroy. Erase. Improve, but at least the red pencil was often drawn. Teachers would have been delighted...

  • conception
  • Claim-development
  • search engine optimisation
  • cration of Landingpages
  • optimisation of MARKETING MATERIALS
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