Great outdoor signage, a beautiful flag, a handy flyer or a recommendation in the form of a business card - they all attract attention and awareness for your company, your business or your catering business and bring you customers and guests. Because even if a lot of attention and reach is generated via digital marketing measures these days, print media should by no means be underestimated!


Print design products in their complexity are important figureheads for your company and not only convey a first impression to customers and guests, but also ensure a high recognition value. This is precisely why print design continues to play an extremely important role in brand awareness and marketing of companies and their products. 

The design of print media usually starts with the business stationery: communication and advertising materials in the corporate design are required for the uniform image and the exact assignment to your company. In addition to letterhead and business cards, this naturally includes stamps, pens, labels, stickers or even motifs for clothing and packaging. 

The variety is particularly large for offline advertising materials and there are no limits to creativity. Print design also includes the design of eye-catching posters and banners, attractive and informative flyers and brochures, attractive menus and original leaflets, beautiful vouchers and successful mailings. CI-compliant print advertisements in selected newspapers and magazines can also raise your company's profile and generate a lead or two. 

A uniform CI is indispensable for a corporate brand. This CI should be clear and visible not only digitally but also offline. Print design is therefore an important discipline that companies should not neglect under any circumstances. 

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