The comprehensive platform convinces with flexibility and sophisticated features.

Digital services are no longer just maintained by developers or specialists. Thanks to comprehensive platforms, employees from all areas of the company can work together to provide rewarding digital experiences for customers and businesses. One such platform is Pimcore. 
It is PHP-based and uses a Symphony framework, one of the leading frameworks on the market. The modular platform makes it easy and straightforward to manage everything from content to media data to complex data structures.
Thanks to the drag and drop system, Pimcore is intuitive to use. Even after a short introduction, the system is easy to grasp. The CMS also has a clear file and asset management as well as an internal image editing function that saves unnecessary steps in content maintenance.  


Pimcore is a software platform that combines numerous different systems. This makes it extremely multi-layered and very variable in use. Pimcore combines several modules such as multi-master data management (MDM), product information management (PIM), web content management (CMS), digital asset management (DAM) and e-commerce. With Pimcore, both websites and online shops can be set up in which the most diverse data can be stored and maintained centrally. Thus, on the company side as well as on the agency side, employees of the most diverse departments, e.g. IT, marketing or project managers, can work in parallel, which guarantees absolute up-to-dateness.  

Thanks to numerous additional plug-ins as well as interfaces to important additional services such as SAP, Oracle or Salesforce, Pimcore is highly customisable and can be expanded almost at will.  

Pimcore is currently one of the most powerful, comprehensive and best software platforms worldwide. From small webshops to multilingual corporate websites, Pimcore offers all important features in one solution. At the same time, the system is highly performant and very easy to use for every employee, even without a technical background or specific expertise. This combination makes Pimcore the ideal platform for companies of all sizes across all industries. 

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