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edjufy GmbH is a young company that specialises in the development of digital administration software for schools, daycare centres and other educational institutions. The company's software solution facilitates the daily administrative work in institutions by digitalising processes. Data protection and ease of use are always at the forefront. edjufy is the winner of the Bavarian Digital Award 2021.


The client needed support in optimising the content of all marketing materials - from the claim to the website content to the print materials. The aim was to establish a uniform, target group-oriented communication that maintains the same tone in all channels and, especially on the website, also receives an increase in visibility through search engine-optimised content.

The content optimisation therefore took place from the lowest common denominator, the claim, to the white paper of several pages.

The requirement was that every target group could be addressed in a slightly modified way on a uniform basis without fundamentally changing the core message or tonality. With just a few tweaks and adjustments, it should be possible to prepare the core content accordingly.


Based on the findings from the marketing strategy, a generally valid main claim and several target group-specific sub-claims were developed. The main claim

"edjufy - Digital school management. Simple. Secure. Efficient."

must always be absolutely present in all communication channels, the sub-claims for the respective target groups extend the message of the main claim. Depending on the group of people, this also resulted in humorous statements such as "edjufy - get your school management out of the chalk era" or "edjufy - Quod erat administrandum".

Based on a broad keyword research, all website tags were optimised for unique keywords in classic SEO manner. In addition, special landing pages were created for other important terms in order to significantly increase visibility in the broadest possible field of relevant terms. For the landing pages, a special focus was also placed on the clearest and most targeted communication possible in order to encourage as many viewers as possible to fill out a contact form or to contact us directly.

The numerous communication articles in the print area, such as whitepapers, flyers, presentations or personal cover letters, were also optimised in terms of language and content and brought into line with the website content after a thorough analysis.

In all channels, edjufy now always speaks with the same voice - subtle nuances in communication are directed at the respective target groups as needed.


Project activities in detail

  • Conception
  • Claim Development


Uniform corporate communication is the basis for successfully addressing the target groups. Thanks to the optimisation of content, all of the company's communication channels are now of a uniform, very high standard. Based on the claims, each target group is addressed specifically without distorting or losing the main message. Thanks to this optimised communication structure


Are you also planning a new website or a marketing campaign? Or don't yet know how or what or why at all? Then simply contact us - we will be happy to advise you.

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