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edjufy GmbH is a young company that specialises in the development of digital administration software for schools, daycare centres and other educational institutions. The company's software solution facilitates the daily administrative work in institutions by digitalising processes. Data protection and ease of use are always at the forefront. edjufy is the winner of the Bavarian Digital Award 2021.


In order to optimise the lead generation on their own website as well as the quality of the communication via the print products, the client needed a reviewing expert view as well as several optimisation proposals. On the website, the user experience was to be improved and the call-to-actions were to be brought to the fore. For the print products, the numerous pieces of information were to be bundled and optimally placed in order to convince the diverse target groups with competence from the very first moments. Despite the focus on the effectiveness of the software, the emotionality should not suffer, especially in the print area. The customer needed more hard facts as well as more emotionality in an optimised presentation.


Both the website and the print products were analysed in detail in terms of user experience, information content as well as emotionality and tonality. The user journey within the website was adapted in such a way that the CTAs were placed uniformly and strongly in the foreground. In addition, the stage of the website, i.e. the immediately visible area, was optimised with a more emotional visual language. The font and several icons were also adapted in order to appear both emotional and competent on several levels. The most important features were highlighted separately by three "check hooks". The header area thus appears much calmer and more emotional without losing competence and trust. The lead generation forms were also redesigned to look simpler, cleaner and at the same time more inviting.

In the print area, all communication documents were closely scrutinised and analysed in terms of information content, layout, effect and design, and then optimised. The individual marketing messages were logically combined in order to avoid sending too many different messages. The individual target group-specific claims were strategically positioned in a more sensible way so that their impact was strengthened. The most important USPs were more strongly elaborated and positioned more prominently in the layout. Target group-specific cover letters were specifically optimised and graphically prepared. The central white paper was redesigned with regard to the flow of information so that all important messages are clearly visible very quickly. In addition, concrete application examples were prominently displayed and the layout was generally made more modern.

Through these optimisation measures, digital and analogue communication channels were brought to a common graphic denominator. At the same time, the information content was increased in all materials, the emotionality was emphasised more strongly and the layout was made more appealing and modern. With these graphic adjustments alone, edjufy's communication has been raised to a new level.

Project activities in detail

  • Conception
  • Design


With the new visual language and the optimised presentations, both the website and the print products appear elegant, competent, confidence-inspiring and yet emotional. edjufy thus establishes itself as a relevant and competent company without losing its modernity. A further utilisation of the visual language in digital advertising formats also ensures additional distribution and strengthened brand identity. Even with small adjustments, great effects can be achieved in the graphics


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