Sausalitos LOL Festival


The Sausalitos Group, based in Munich, is one of the largest providers of Tex-Mex food in the catering sector. The 41 franchise shops are spread all over Germany, while the company is continuously expanding. In addition to cocktails as well as Mexican specialities at affordable prices, Sausalitos also offers an integrated shop with accessories and drinks, bookable cocktail courses and much more.


Sausalitos wants to make the step from a pure gastronomy franchise to an urban lifestyle company.

The idea of a music and lifestyle festival was born in order to convey the franchise's attitude to life to the outside world, to promote customer loyalty, to address new target groups and to sharpen the image.

This "LOVE.OUT.LOUT." Festival combines music, culinary delights, drinks, beach party and urban lifestyle into an intense mix. The name deliberately plays with the acronym LOL (actual meaning laugh out loud), which is prevalent in youth culture and is often used in chats.

The requirement was to create an initial teaser with a maximum total playing time of 30 seconds, which was played to the visitors in the restaurants on large screens as well as shared on social networks. All restaurants have numerous screens on which changing clips present all the news regarding products, dishes and cocktails.

valantic DXA Solution

Valantic DXA has already done successful work for Sausalitos with the popular Cocktail Creater as well as the complete website relaunch. For the presentation of the LOVE.OUT.LOUD. - Outdoorfestival, various video sequences were researched from stock material due to a lack of already available material. The video was divided into three large sections and graphically presented accordingly:

  • LOVE: The term refers to joie de vivre, fun with friends, lightness and fun.
  • OUT: The focus here is on partying and outdoor experiences
  • LOUD: Nightlife, partying after sunset, dancing and music play the central role in this term

Based on the three central elements, the clips not only depicted the three terms scenically, but also spun a story around them. From sunrise and meeting friends to joint activities and the big night party, the festival was presented as an all-day experience.  The cuts follow the beat of the soundtrack, which on the one hand seems very summery and light, but on the other hand also danceable. The individual terms were graphically inserted into the video so that they seemed omnipresent but never distracting.

The video leads into a black closing screen where the festival is mentioned by name once again and the central hashtag is introduced.

The project activities in detail

  • Conception


The trailer expressed exactly the attitude to life that Sausalitos wants to convey with the LOVE.OUT.LOUD. - Festival wants to express. The advertising in the restaurants as well as on social networks ensured increased interest among the target group, and the first edition of the festival in summer 2019 was the starting signal for a whole new facet of the franchise.


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