The Sausalitos Group is one of the largest providers of Tex-Mex food in the catering sector. The 41 franchise shops are spread all over Germany, while the company is continuously expanding. Sausalitos offers cocktails as well as Mexican specialities at affordable prices - a service especially interesting for students in urban regions.


The big challenge was not only to adapt the current website and the social media channels to the requirements of today, but to go beyond that. The client needed an easy-to-maintain system consisting of a website with a news section, as well as an online shop with vouchers, merchandise, booking system, etc. All of this had to be easy to maintain and adaptable without agency help. All this had to be easy to maintain and adaptable without agency help. In the first step, an online shop and a chatbot were created to manage reservations and direct traffic from Facebook to the website.

Pimcore Solution

DGTLS has already done successful work for Sausalitos with the popular Cocktail Creater and the integration into the existing website. Due to the positive experience, Sausalitos and DGTLS again decided on a Pimcore PIM solution. This enabled a simple, fast and cost-effective integration of the newly developed shop into the existing website system.

On the Facebook pages, a chat bot acts as an interface between users and the online reservation service Bookatable. Thanks to machine learning, the chat bot's AI is able to define suitable answer blocks and constantly evolve. In this way, the chat bot adapts to the target group and thus enables an almost error-free, natural conversation - the user gets the impression that they are talking to an actual employee. As a result, the conversation experience is positively received, which in turn has an impact on the company's image.


Thanks to Pimcore, Sausalitos employees can create and manage website content independently and easily. In addition, the content is also played automatically. The single sign-in process and the call-to-action buttons, which are even easier to install, ensure a seamless and therefore more pleasant user journey for customers. Since only a single log-in is required, the shop is much better accepted by customers. This is confirmed by the increase in orders, course bookings, etc.

The chatbot with interface to Bookatable communicates with the PIM and thus simplifies and accelerates the customer journey, making it more homogeneous and user-friendly. Through the additionally used business intelligence solution, various customer-related data can be generated, evaluated and visualised. This benefits both the customers and the company.


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