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Roadsurfer GmbH offers customers the ultimate and individual camping adventure feeling with stylish and high-quality equipped campervans all over Germany. To make the independent personal road trip perfect, Roadsurfer has launched the platform with the support of valantic DXA. The portal for exclusive favourite campsites all over Europe!

Website Relaunch


In order to offer their customers an even more individual camping adventure, roadsurfer GmbH wanted to establish a brokerage portal for individual pitches (spots) throughout Europe. A kind of "Airbnb for campers". On the one hand, camping guests should be able to conveniently book their favourite pitch with just a few clicks. On the other hand, it should be as low-threshold and intuitive as possible for pitch providers (hosts) to offer a pitch on the portal. Another focus was on the convenient search function for spots. And of course on a smooth payment system.

Against this background, valantic DXA was to set up an attractive web presence based on the content management system Pimcore, analogous to the existing look & feel of with an integrated shop, booking section and a login function for hosts (pitch providers) and campers (guests).

Website Relaunch


Based on the corporate identity of roadsurfer, valantic DXA designed and programmed an individual login area for hosts and guests, including spot and booking management as well as a booking management area. The use of Pimcore Systems facilitated the individual programming and data management for the complex requirements of the intended website solution.

Thanks to the user-friendly implementation, guests can quickly and easily search for parking spaces at their desired location, at the planned travel times and for their vehicle category on A map view provides a helpful overview of the exact location of the available spots. Another highlight is the detailed information (including price, size, availability and photos) available for each pitch. Campers thus get a comprehensive impression of the character of each spot. Another highlight: The booked pitches are always visible in the booking overview and reservations can easily be cancelled, extended or rebooked.

For the hosts, an equally appealing login area has been implemented, which makes managing the pitches just as easy and convenient. In the clearly arranged calendar view, hosts can see their booking volume and the occupancy rate of their pitches at any time. Hosts also have the option of blocking pitches for individually defined periods.

The project activities in detail

  • Login-Bereich für die Hosts und Guests


A platform was created that appeals to its users emotionally and, in the spirit of the brand, whets their appetite for the next camping adventure on their exclusive and personal favourite pitch. The integrated shop and booking solution offers hosts and guests the possibility to offer or book pitches independently, easily and flexibly. Potential providers can easily register as hosts for a spot. Campers have the opportunity to obtain comprehensive information about their favourite pitch and then book it conveniently and transparently. Anticipation included.


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