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CROSSCAMP is the youngest brand in the large Erwin Hymer Group family. The Camper Van appeals to a rather younger target group that is looking less for a classic camping holiday and more for individual outdoor adventure as a change from the urban lifestyle.


As a special feature of the new website, the company envisioned a configurator for the CROSSCAMP. The configurator had to fit the target group and should enable the website visitors to put together their dream car themselves. The final result of the configuration should also be transmitted to a CROSSCAMP dealer.

The configurator had to be easy and intuitive to use, but also powerful and fast-loading to ensure an optimal user experience.

valantic DXA Solution


Since there were no further specifications apart from the functionalities desired by the customer, the configurator could be designed and implemented completely freely.

The React Framework was chosen as the basis for the implementation. This guarantees an extremely fast update in the frontend without having to reload the entire page each time.

When using the configurator, the user first decides on a basic vehicle, Opel or Toyota. The customer is then guided through a total of 5 configuration steps: Motorisation, Vehicle Equipment, Design, Interior and finally Accessories. In each step, the customer has the possibility to choose from several elements the one that suits him best. Since some combination options are not feasible, customers are warned in the corresponding case and are given a suitable alternative.

The user is shown the current expected purchase price in each step.

The individual product details are fed from the Product Information Management System in the Pimcore backend.

Once the configuration is complete, a PDF is generated from all the elements, which the customer can have sent directly by e-mail. The configurator then forwards the customer to a dealer search. The customer can search for a suitable dealer in his vicinity and forward the product PDF directly to this dealer. The selected dealer then contacts the customer.

The project activities in detail

  • conception


The configurator is the core of the CROSSCAMP website. Thanks to its high functionality and very fast performance, the configurator offers an extremely pleasing user experience. Interested parties build up an emotional connection to their vehicle as early as the configuration phase thanks to the positive experience and smooth process, which has a direct impact on their willingness to buy.


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