PIM – Product Information Management

Current product information can be accessed centrally at one point on various channels.

A PIM system (Product Information Management system) is used for the central and cross-media storage and management of product-relevant information. Furthermore, this information can be distributed via different channels, which means that all employees always have access to the current version of the data and can call it up and edit it simultaneously. 

Digitalisation ensures that all company processes are digitalised. A PIM system is thus the digital version of a product catalogue that can be continuously updated and distributed. 


A product information management system supports the process of product-related information supply chains. The fact that different departments such as development, purchasing, marketing and sales have access to the current data at all times means that the entire process can be controlled centrally. In addition, the system can also be accessed from outside the company, which simplifies cooperation with customers or external employees enormously. 

The central basis is also referred to as the "single point of truth", as all product-relevant data is up-to-date, consistent and also completely present and available in one place at all times. This also makes it very easy to implement different language versions. The quality of the information can always be guaranteed through this centralised storage, which greatly simplifies all internal and external processes.  

Via interfaces, the digital data in a PIM system can be played out to an enterprise resource planning system (ERP), a customer relationship management system (CRM) or a content management system. This makes it very easy to display the data on different channels such as websites or e-commerce platforms or to make it available for download catalogues.  

PIM systems ensure that up-to-date product information is transferred to all channels as quickly as possible and that it is also coherent on each channel. This prevents errors and ensures a smooth process when working with customers.  

Corporate digitisation should necessarily begin with the transfer of data to a PIM system. 

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