Magnusson Petfood GmbH is a Swedish manufacturer of pet food, with dogs being the main target group. The German branch is located in Taufkirchen. In a company history spanning three generations and more than sixty years, the family business has not only made a name for itself as a specialist in dog food, but has also established itself as a brand and community for dog lovers with continuous work in the social networks.


Magnusson had a monthly social media challenge where the community could submit videos of their dogs as well as vote for their favourites. The most popular videos were rewarded with a delivery of premium dog food. This campaign ran for several months. The client needed multiple levels of support to complete the promotion.

The first challenge was to acquire more participants for the last challenge in order to conclude the campaign in a befitting manner. At the end of the last challenge, a grand finale was to take place, where the best videos of the year would be chosen. A suitable concept had to be developed for this final.

The grand finale had to be advertised in an appealing way.

Last but not least, it had to be ensured that the campaign would not only increase the general brand awareness, but also extremely increase the interaction on Facebook as well as the number of followers on Instagram.

Magnusson approached us with four tasks at once.


The individual requirements were designed in such a way that they all intertwined. The last challenge was introduced and promoted with a short teaser on Facebook and Instagram. Shortly before and during the last challenge, the final was also advertised on both channels with the presentation of the prizes to be won. The ads were played out in both feeds, as well as in Instagram Stories and Facebook Messenger.

As a total of three videos were awarded in each month, a total of 36 videos qualified for the final. In order to remain true to the previous challenge, the final, including the preliminary round, was also carried out using videos.

 In the first round, one winner was drawn per quarter, so that the final could be carried out with a total of four quarterly winners.

Johnny, the hungriest of our agency dogs, was at our disposal as the "lottery fairy".

The draw was conducted and filmed in our Munich office. Each qualified video was assigned a small bowl of Magnusson dog food. On command, the office door opened so Johnny could enter the room and choose a bowl. The participant whose bowl was chosen moved on to the final. This was done a total of four times to determine all quarterly winners.

In the final, the same procedure was carried out with all quarterly winners a total of three times. The first bowl selected was tantamount to the grand prize. This bowl was then removed so that second place could be determined with only three bowls left. Then the last two bowls were used to distribute third and fourth place.

This implementation of the finals by means of dogs offered several advantages. On the one hand, Magnusson's brand essence was preserved by having a dog as a central component. At the same time, the Magnusson products were brought to the fore, as they were the deciding factor. In addition, the draw was conducted as neutrally as possible in this way.

In order to distribute the three other consolation prizes, to honour all video entries and at the same time to involve the community even more, the other prizes were raffled off in the Instagram stories.

Here, each participant was presented again in a total of three rounds on three days. At the end of each day, users could vote for their favourite directly in the Stories.

Accompanying this campaign, final teasers and explanations of the process were posted and promoted before and during the finale.

All in all, the community was provided with content over a period of several weeks. In this way, the interest and interaction could be continuously increased and great excitement built up.

The project activities in detail

  • COnception



  • Social Media Marketing

  • Community Management


Impact during the campaign period for Instagram:

  • Average reach during the campaign period: 59,590
  • Other reach: 3,785
  • Average likes during the campaign period: 194.5
  • Other likes: 153.4
  • Average impressions during the campaign period: 68,549
  • Other impressions: 4,916


Magnusson was able to achieve several goals through the implementation. The challenge was completed and culminated in a grand finale. Here, the brand essence was preserved and at the same time the products were brought strongly to the fore. The innovative approach and simultaneous promotion and community management significantly increased reach, impressions and likes.

Magnusson positioned itself as an innovative pet food expert and community leader through the campaigns. In addition, the social networks were pushed in such a way that the target groups could be greatly expanded.


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