Website Relaunch

A website relaunch with a focus on mobile first and modern design to international standards.


The Munich City Tours have been offering tourist sightseeing tours in Munich for over 100 years. Initially in a horse-drawn carriage, but then quickly in a blue convertible double-decker bus, and recently even with the first e-bus, the customer is extremely popular with tourists from all over the world thanks to the "Hop-on Hop-off" system.


The client needed a website relaunch that would transfer the company's historical character to a modern mobile-first system, especially to appeal to international customers. The website should reflect the decades of expertise as well as a modern, young character. Thanks to different logics, the website should focus on different aspects on mobile and desktop. A simple booking process and graphic features were to round off the website.


The new website of Munich City Tours was developed in Pimcore to implement the requirements in the best possible way. The relaunch resulted in a modern and fast website with numerous technical features and special content for mobile use. 

Already in the header, the trademark, the blue convertible double-decker bus is prominently displayed in front of the Munich scenery. Thanks to animation, the image appears classic and dynamic at the same time - an excellent combination of tradition and modernity that runs through the entire website. Thanks to simple menu navigation, the individual tours can be selected. The desktop version offers a lot of background information about the company and the city of Munich itself. 

In the mobile version, the focus is on the tours and the simplest possible booking. The respective additional information takes a back seat. 

An animated graphic shows the route and the sights visited and provides additional information for each attraction. A simple and clear booking route facilitates the online purchase of tickets. 

Design, programming, graphics and content were all created centrally by valantic DXA to guarantee a consistently high standard. 

The project activities in detail

  • Conception 

  • Programming  

  • Design  


  • 3D-Animations



  • Google Ads 

  • Blog 


Thanks to the new website, Münchener Stadtrundfahrten now combines historical expertise with a modern, international orientation. An informative desktop website and the fast and intuitive mobile-first version perfectly address the target groups in different ways. The clear tour description and simple booking process ensure that many tourists purchase their tickets online in advance.


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