Google Ads

Google Ads are a sure way to increase the visibility of a website and the services, benefits and offers offered there in search engines.

Google Ads appear at the top of the search results, even before the organic results. They are clearly marked with the term "ad" or "ad".  

They offer the opportunity to advertise products, services and offers in first place in the search results and at the same time deliver them to a target group that is looking for exactly that with the corresponding keyword! Costs are only incurred as soon as the ad is clicked on, which makes cost calculation and budget management very simple and clear. 

The big advantage of Google Ads is that users have a specific intention when they enter a search term in a search engine. Compared to other advertising measures such as social ads or banner ads, it can be said with great certainty that users are really interested in the ads that are displayed and that the chance of a lead is greater. 


Creating and setting up Google Ads requires some time and effort, especially at the beginning, but Google does not charge for the use itself. While search engine optimisation (SEO) requires considerably more effort and staying power to achieve good ranking results, ads can be very quickly targeted to the desired keywords and thus to the target group. 

Google Ads offer the chance to respond appropriately to the user's search query and direct him or her to a website or a specific offer or service. 

Although the use of the ad platform is free of charge, the actual kicks to the ads must of course be paid for. Due to the numerous setting options, campaign creation and optimisation is relatively complicated. Incorrectly created campaigns can trigger high costs without a corresponding return on investment. Just as in search engine optimisation, all competitors compete for the top positions in search engine advertising (SEA). In order to be successful, one must also get the maximum out of Google Ads and continuously optimise various factors. If this is successful, Google Ads is a highly effective tool for addressing a target group, increasing visibility and generating leads.

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