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Killing 2 birds with one stone: Appealing recruiting videos that further strengthen the corporate image


The Sausalitos Group, based in Munich, is an institution in many cities for a young target group that starts its evening planning in one of the franchise restaurants. The combination of Tex-Mex food, cocktails, numerous specials and music convey the perfect mix of restaurant and disco.


The client launched a recruiting campaign to fill numerous apprenticeship positions in various areas of the company. The approach was to be made by means of videos that were both posted and advertised on social networks. In addition, the videos were to be shown in the respective franchise restaurants. On the one hand, the videos had to clearly point out vacant trainee positions, but on the other hand, they also had to reflect the work in the company as well as the image as a young, crazy, easy-going company. Valantic DXAwas commissioned to come up with the concept as well as several ideas within the concept. The final selection of the ideas to be implemented was taken over by the client.


In a first approach, 4 short concepts were developed to outline the rough idea of the videos. The 4 concept drafts each had very different ideas, sequences and orientations. After the client had agreed on one idea, this concept called "You're doing it wrong" was translated into 4 concrete storyboards. 

The basic idea was to address the target group with a highly exaggerated, humorous approach. Scenes from daily work were to be shown, but these were to be turned into ridicule with an extreme plot twist. In this way, real scenes from the daily work of an apprentice could be shown, while the exaggerated situations guaranteed attention at the same time. The videos should thus have the potential for viral marketing and also be connectable so that further ideas could be implemented in the same style at a later date. 

After approval of 4 video ideas, these were realised in a one-day shoot in a franchise restaurant. For this, actual employees were used as actors. For each video, about 90 minutes of shooting time were available, as the restaurant was to maintain regular opening hours. By the time the restaurant opened, all filming traces had been removed. 

The videos were then posted on the company's Facebook and Instagram channels and promoted over a longer period of time. They were also used on the screens in the respective stores.

The project activities in detail



  • Videoshoot

  • Post Production 


The recruiting videos are definitely eye-catchers! If you know one, you immediately want to know the end or the twist of the others. Sausalitos thus presents itself as a creative and crazy company, but one where trainees actually also get a lot of insight. The videos create attention and have led to a significant increase in applications.


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