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Brand building and image strengthening in one!


The Sausalitos Group, based in Munich, is one of the largest and best-known restaurant chains offering party food in Germany. The relaxed atmosphere, the offer specialised in Californian-Mexican food and the numerous cocktails appeal to a very young, urban target group. In addition to expanding into numerous German cities, Sausalitos is also aiming to expand its offer to other areas.


The client had concrete ideas for building and establishing an additional brand "Black Bearded Bartenders". The development of this brand should open up new target groups for Sausalitos as well as attract existing target groups to both the online shop and the individual franchises. The name as well as the basic concept for building the brand was taken over from the client. The core element of the strategy is a dedicated YouTube channel on which two bartenders mix and explain special cocktails in a Sausalitos location. Core elements of these videos are used on other platforms, e.g. in store or on their own channels in Facebook and Instagram. We were commissioned with the conceptual design, implementation and post-production of the videos.


According to Sausalitos' specifications, a test shoot was carried out at the Flaghsip store on Munich's Sonnenstra├če to test the lighting, the set-up, the decoration and the correct placement of the drinks and ingredients. After all positions were defined, the shooting of over 50 videos took place over several days.  

In post production, the raw footage was compressed into short formats of just under two minutes suitable for use in social media. The style we defined is very dynamic and uses a lot of different angles, pans and animations, especially in the intro. The explanation of the individual steps is done in a calmer basic tone to show the competence of the bartenders. Individual animations and insertions of terms in a font defined by us further loosen up the videos.  

Each video was accompanied by specially researched music and specially edited to this music. 

The videos are constantly being expanded with additional cocktail recipes. Currently, they are used on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and IGTV as well as in the respective franchise shops. As a result, there are significantly more subscriptions, views and comments and generally higher customer loyalty in the social networks. 

The project activities in detail

  • Conception

  • VideoShoot

  • Post Production


Thanks to the dynamic and creative videos, the Black Bearded Bartender is increasingly establishing itself with the current target group and at the same time appealing to new target groups. Sausalitos is thus successively expanding its business segment and sharpening its image as a high-quality company through these YouTube and social media measures.


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