Pictures say more than 1000 words

The video industry is booming due to the countless streaming offers, YouTube and co. The saying "pictures say more than 1,000 words" is not without reason: our brain processes visual information much faster than text. That is why more and more companies are using video and moving images in the form of a digital image or company video. 

Videos are meant to present and introduce the company to the outside world. It promotes authenticity and the corporate image. A formative presentation remains in the memory, which can subsequently strengthen customer relationships. 

Numerous studies have shown that moving images, film clips and videos have a greater organic reach than photos. For this reason, more and more companies are turning to promotional videos. They can use them to promote individual products or services and provide further information about them. The aim is to increase awareness, sales and reach of the company. 


With a video, companies can solve several communicative tasks at once.  

A video creates closeness and trust, introduces the company and the employees or focuses on special products. The video creates or sharpens the image. Is a company an absolute expert in the respective field, is it characterised by flat hierarchies and great dynamism or does it focus on regional attributes?  

A corporate video can run completely according to a storyboard, contain interview elements or be created relatively spontaneously.  

However the video is structured, it should serve as a central part of the marketing afterwards. Distribution on the company website as well as in the social media channels are obligatory. But a corporate video can also be used at trade fairs, conferences or pitches. 

Used correctly, companies can benefit enormously from the organic reach as well as the image transfer through videos. However, numerous examples of companies that have implemented a correct idea incorrectly also show the pitfalls. Poorly made videos can quickly appear ridiculous. 

A corporate video is an enormously powerful marketing tool. Only if it is done professionally will it have positive effects in the long term. 

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