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Offline marketing is alive! And this despite the fact that we have long since arrived in the midst of digital life, spend several hours a day on the internet and not only obtain information there, but also like to be addressed by good, targeted advertising. Not least because we then buy advertised products online, request services, book flights, reserve rooms, and much more. But some target groups can still be addressed very well through print media. Just as some products, services and offers, especially in stationary retail, gastronomy and other stationary businesses, can be ideally advertised through offline marketing measures.


Offline marketing is versatile: from advertisements in print magazines to posters and business cards. Depending on the offer and target group, such marketing measures alone or in a well-rounded marketing mix of offline and online can also bring you the desired success. Compared to online ads, print ads have the disadvantage that their success is difficult to track and therefore the cost-benefit ratio is difficult to evaluate. Nevertheless, if designed in an equally attractive and eye-catching way and published in actually relevant magazines and newspapers, they can lead to awareness and leads - just like, for example, posters or car lettering. 

Flyers and brochures, for example, are also seen as part of offline marketing. Attractively designed, printed in your corporate CI for recognition value and in the best quality, they offer your target group a perfect overview of offers and services. In the appropriate, handy format, they are then also gladly taken along and used. 

Last but not least, uniform and appealing business stationery is also part of offline marketing and its effect should not be underestimated. Just like a corporate website or an online shop, it is a signboard for your company and unfolds its effect when all communication and advertising materials are uniformly designed in the corporate design. Besides the logo, business stationery also includes letterhead, business cards and stamps. Furthermore, advertising materials such as flags, vouchers, envelopes, product labels, inserts and much more.  

Offline marketing should always be a consideration in the marketing mix for companies. 

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