Illustrations are true all-purpose weapons in graphic design. Digital and analogue, they illustrate information and details better than any photo.

Illustrations are explanatory pictures that clarify a fact or illustrate a text content. 
Our eyes perceive images much better than the written word. To convey messages in a pictorial way, illustrations are ubiquitous in design. They explain, illustrate, simplify or supplement facts. Of course, they can also serve pure entertainment. Illustrations can be combined with text or do without words. They thus transcend any linguistic barriers and always have an informative or entertaining mission. 


Digital and analogue, from science to entertainment to technology, in advertising, apps, websites and the social web - illustrations are used almost everywhere in design. The range of different illustration styles is wide.


A photo always shows what is already there. With illustrations, on the other hand, the illustrator can decide for himself which elements are to be depicted and in what way. In this way, not only can facts be presented as simply and comprehensibly as possible, there are also no limits to the imagination with illustrations. A wide variety of scenes can be depicted with little effort.


Illustrations that match a company's website offer real added value. Illustrations are also very important for companies in the context of content marketing. Because good content does not only consist of text. Graphic elements, photos and above all illustrations in the style of the corporate design are essential components of good content. 

When a website is called up, the first impression counts. Those who manage to be noticed by the user and make important information visible at first glance have already won in times of information overload. 

Excellent and clear illustrations contribute a great deal to this. 

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