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Hola! Sausalitos is party, food and a special attitude to life. Germany-wide. We have captured this feeling, distilled it and let it flow into numerous areas. Shake a few times, and the new Sausalitos is ready.

Sausalitos - the restaurant chain operating throughout Germany impresses with Mexican specialities, a huge cocktail selection and a young, colourful image. In order to maintain and expand this status, the brand is currently making numerous adjustments. We support this process on a technical, graphic and creative level.

From website to social media and app to content generation and moving images. This is how we bring the "new" Sausalitos online.

New channels & target groups - if you miss the catch, you gamble away your future!

The Sausalitos brand is a Germany-wide institution that has grown over the years. However, what was cool and hip a few years ago loses its appeal as soon as a new generation grows up.

This affects restaurant contents such as interior design and the food and beverage menu as much as the target group approach.

The Suasalitos brand is therefore constantly facing the following challenges

  • Serve existing target groups & identify new target groups
  • Play on existing channels & identify new channels
  • Create suitable content & establish creative ways of customer loyalty & thus consolidate the image


A website is the most important digital flagship of a brand. It not only has to fulfil specific functions, but also look great. It's perfect if it can do both. The new Sausalitos website is responsive, has an integrated webshop and a booking tool. The broken grid also makes it look modern and cool. Just typical Sausalitos.

  • Frontend Development
  • Pimcore Development
  • API Connections
  • Crypto-App
Black Bearded Bartender
Sausalitos LOL Festival


For Sausalitos in particular, where most users access the site via mobile devices, it is imperative to present the logo with a responsive logo ("responsive logo" refers to the adaptation of a logo to different screen sizes).


The now all-too-familiar scene in the restaurant: every guest has their smartphone in front of them. How do you react to that?

Option 1: ignore

Option 2: Ban smartphones

Option 3: Take advantage of the situation and create a special app.

With the Cocktail Creator app, you can freely configure your own desired cocktail directly in the app. This way, all ingredients can be mixed together as desired to create an individual cocktail and shared on social media channels. This completely new idea increases the reach and directly pays off for the Sausalitos brand.

As of August 2019, xxxx cocktails have already been designed in the app. Shake it Baby!

  • Frontend Development
  • Pimcore Development
  • API Connections
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