Progressive Web App

A Progressive Web App is not a pure website, not a distinct app, but a web app.

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is the combination of a website and an app. It is a website but contains many elements of a native app. 

A PWA shows the mobile view of a URL that reacts to the capabilities of the respective end device and browser. The design of the PWA is based on native apps. The basic framework, the "app shell", provides the framework for the dynamic content.  The PWA can be saved as an app on the screen and updates itself like a website. There is no need to download from the app shop or wait for an update. 


With the PWA, content is cached. Once the information is accessed, it can be used again, thus enabling the "up-to-date effect" as well as functionality in offline mode. Depending on the PWA, it is even possible that the user does not even notice a missing network connection as long as it is not required for the main use.  

This means that users always have completely new content available, which has a positive effect on the user experience. This is interesting for companies that either regularly publish new content or online shops that want to do without a pure app due to the programming effort. 

Through such a web app, it is possible for companies to make their customers aware of news and promotions in a targeted manner through push notifications, which they can access directly from the home screen in full-screen mode. 

Maintenance is much easier than with conventional apps. Data such as images and text can be adjusted in a content management hub and played out in real time. 

So if you want an app to bring your website and projects closer to your customers and build loyalty, but don't have the time and effort, a Progressive Web App is the ideal interim solution. 

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