Corporate photography

Corporate photography conveys the image of a company. Honesty, authenticity and an individual style that fits the corporate identity are elementary when creating images. Because here too - the first impression counts!

Corporate photography is all about creating visual material for use in the business environment of companies. It includes employee portraits, team photos, product photos but also on-location shoots that provide insights into the company's business premises, work processes, company events or production facilities.


In corporate photography, it is important to understand the corporate culture, the aesthetic style and the individual requirements of the client. Various questions need to be clarified in advance. Will the images be shown on the company's website? What are the format and imagery requirements? How does the company want to present itself? What image do the customers have of the company? What are the company's values and how should they be conveyed? Corporate photography unites all these details in the visual language of the photographs and conveys an image, an image of the company to the viewer.


Business portraits should minimise hurdles and find the perfect balance between distance and closeness. Especially for official portraits of board members, managers and executives, honesty, authenticity and sympathy are required in the visual language. To represent the company to the outside world, such photos are used, for example, in press relations or in the annual report. The use of employee portraits on the company website creates personality and lowers the hurdle of contact for potential customers and applicants. But also the pictorial documentation of conferences and events, congresses, meetings and trade fairs is part of corporate photography. The images are then used, for example, for the website, marketing and PR campaigns or newsletters.  

A unique style serves to position a company in the market and helps it stand out from its competitors. For this reason, corporate photography is strongly preferable to the use of cheaper stock photos. 

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