react was originally created for use in social media. In the meantime, special modules on complex websites can be programmed easily and quickly with it.

react is a software library based on the JavaScript scripting language for creating a web framework for user interface components of web services. In react, individual components can be assembled into a high-performance, more complex application. react is mainly used for the creation of single-page applications, which can be explained by its history: react originated in the Facebook group and was first used for programming the Facebook newsfeed frontend and the Instagram feed. 

In the meantime, the framework has been made available to the general public as an open source. In addition to the large community, which constantly creates new applications, react is characterised by other special features. 


The hierarchical software library offers several advantages, all of which contribute to a clear and high-performance result. The individual components are structured declaratively instead of imperatively. In react, it is therefore specified how a corresponding system should look. All components involved start from the same state, so that for every action it is clear how the result must change. The more complicated opposite of imperative syntax requires that each element must initially be told which steps are to be executed. The corresponding code is much longer and thus more error-prone. 

Other technical features such as the unidirectional data flow, a virtual dom and the JavaScript Syntac Extension ensure that not only one-pagers but also more complicated projects within larger websites can now be created collaboratively.  

Programming in react prevents the entire page from having to be reloaded when an action is performed - only the react object is rebuilt. This means that search queries, filter functions or configurators, for example, can be displayed much more quickly on a website. This in turn has a very positive effect on pagespeed and page performance and ultimately also usability. 

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