Branding - A must for strong brands

You recognise a brand by the fact that you recognise it. It is the unique selling point of a company. Branding is a must to form an individual brand that attracts the attention of the relevant target group.


Branding or brand development encompasses the creation, development and establishment of a brand with its own identity. The aim of branding is to ensure that the brand and its image are "burned in" with consumers like a brand mark - and that its products thus lead to a high recognition value. The term branding originally comes from the identification of objects or animals with the help of a brand.


First and foremost, branding pursues the purpose of setting oneself apart from competitors and gaining long-term customers. The brand should evoke certain emotions, associations or a certain attitude towards life that the consumer subconsciously calls up when he comes into contact with the brand. If the brand remains in the memory, the user builds up an emotional relationship with it - and will most likely make his next purchase decision in favour of the brand or product again. 

To position a brand successfully in the market and to stand out from competitors who offer similar services, ideas and products, an analytical, strategic approach is necessary. A well thought-out branding strategy helps companies to create a high brand value and to successfully meet their target groups along the entire customer journey. 


Brand development or product development is not a one-time process, but a continuous process. Therefore, it is important to question one's own brand and its effect on the target group again and again and to adapt it if necessary. 

The analysis of relevant parameters, followed by the elaboration of a brand strategy, the development of the brand image and finally the launch of the new brand are elementary steps of brand development and have top priority for companies. Without a strong brand core, the advertising message is meaningless. 

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