With its reduced code, clear architecture and extensive testing options, AngularJS is an excellent framework for programming web applications.

AngularJS is a web framework in JavaScript developed by Google. It is mainly used for programming single-page applications, i.e. programmes that are executed directly in the website in the browser. Typical SPAs are interactive forms, maps or product configurators. 

Like any framework, AngularJS uses the model-view-controller pattern, in which data, presentation and controller are strictly separated from each other. As a special form, AngularJS uses the model-view-viewmodel pattern. The model area contains the editable content, the view cluster contains the graphical user interface. The ViewModel serves as a link between the two areas and exchanges information with the Model as well as commands with the View. 

AngularJS uses imperative programming. This means that the code explicitly specifies which steps must be done in which order. This is in contrast to declarative programming, where the process is not strictly specified, but is determined automatically from all specifications. 


The special features of the AngularJS framework enable greatly simplified software development and improved testing of individual components. 

Unlike other similar technologies, Angular is a complete framework with concrete specifications regarding folder structure and libraries.  

This means that even more complex client-side elements for web, desktop or mobile applications can be programmed easily and quickly. Client-side means that the scripts of the application run completely in the browser instead of on the server. AngularJS is designed to run securely and error-free in all common browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox or current Internet Explorers. Client-side programming reduces the load on the server, improving website performance. 

Angular is the ideal framework for equipping websites with complex applications that bring numerous advantages to the user without negatively affecting loading speed or other performance. 

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