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Humorous communication for conservative target groups


edjufy GmbH is a young company that specialises in the development of digital administration software for schools, daycare centres and other educational institutions. The company's software solution facilitates the daily administrative work in institutions by digitalising processes. Data protection and ease of use are always at the forefront. edjufy is the winner of the Bavarian Digital Award 2021.


The client needed a tutorial video in which the complex functionality of the software could be presented in a clear, understandable and at the same time relaxed way. This video was to be played on the website as well as in social media, and was also to be used at direct customer meetings or at trade fairs or seminars. The prerequisite was an explanation on both a visual and an auditory level. In order not to overwhelm the recipients, the video should not be too extensive, but should provide all relevant information in a few minutes. Despite the high information content and the time limit, the video still had to have a lot of dynamism in order to pick up the viewers on a professional as well as emotional level.


Based on the findings from the marketing strategy, especially the target group analysis, a concept was developed that exaggerates and humorously exaggerates the stolidity and conservative orientation of school administrations. The starting point was the TV series "Flintstones", which has been anchored in the collective memory for decades and which in its basic form has already taken even modern technologies back to the Stone Age. The client was first presented with individual scribbles with the basic idea as a storyboard. After finalising the storyboard, the most important illustrations were made and animated. At the same time, the accompanying text, which was recorded as both voice-over and subtitles, was created and optimised.

Numerous animations were added to the illustrations to dynamically present thoughts, problems and ultimately edjufy's solution. The transition between the individual illustrations was also made so dynamic.

In a short but very humorous story, the exaggerated everyday life at a German school is shown and it is made clear what problems headmasters, teachers, parents, but above all administrative staff face on a daily basis. Sometimes the administration is on a stone-age level. edjufy now strikes like a comet in this environment and leads the administration into a digital modernity, where everyday, time-consuming processes are translated into very simple activities. With a lot of wit and attention to detail, the portfolio of edjufy and the relevance of such a solution is explained clearly in a very short time.

Pictures say more than 1000 words, as this video impressively proves.

Die Projektinhalte im Detail

  • conception
  • set to audio


The amusing and at the same time informative video explains the necessity as well as the effectiveness of the edjufy solutions in a vivid and likeable way. Thanks to the relatively short playing time, the video can be effective on websites and social media as well as at trade fairs and events. For direct appointments, the video acts as an effective icebreaker.

The medium of the moving image enables the simplified presentation of complex issues and thus functions as another important component of successful corporate communication.


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