Copy is a functional text. In contrast to a novel or a newspaper article, advertising copy is intended to influence the reader in a targeted way. The advertising copy always pursues a specific advertising goal for a certain product, service or brand.


With a headline that is as interesting, amazing and/or funny as possible, the advertising text tries to attract the reader's attention. The headline should "catch" the reader and motivate them to consume the rest of the advertising message. The headline is the most important element of the advertising text. An advertising slogan (also called a slogan or claim) is often used as a headline. Other typical elements of an advertising text are the subline, the body text and the more or less direct call to action. In principle, an advertising text is understood to be all linguistic content of an advertising format (e.g.: poster, print advertisement, homepage text, etc.).


Once the reader's attention has been gained, the advertising text classically aims at two advertising goals: On the one hand, it should positively influence the reader's attitude towards the advertised content, i.e. achieve an image improvement. In addition, the advertising text should motivate an action such as the purchase of a product, a click on a certain link or an establishment of contact. Ultimately, getting the reader to make a purchase decision is the core objective of an advertising text.


In the digital age, advertising texts have to fulfil another task. Since attention also depends to a large extent on how well content can be found via search engines, advertising texts must also function as SEO texts, i.e. search engine optimised. A good advertising text must also be able to be found digitally. There it has the same function of increasing conversion. 

Advertising copy must be both easy to read and informative. In addition, they must influence the reader without being intrusive. The creation of a good advertising text is a great challenge. 

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