Employee anniversaries 2022

It's time to celebrate!

On 01 June this year we celebrated our 15th anniversary. A big party with all employees including a DJ, catering and a very special dress code. You can read more about the preparations and the course of the evening here.
But not only the agency celebrated a big anniversary this year - three of our employees also had a reason to celebrate in 2022: Steve, Nico and Alex celebrated their 10th anniversary at valantic DXA!

Employee anniversaries are always a reason for us to celebrate. On the one hand, we look back on 10 successful years and on the other hand, we look forward to many more years together.

A lot has happened in 10 years

Not only the people, but also the agency as a whole has changed in the 10 years. 
We have developed from a pure web agency that mainly focused on programming smaller websites into a digital agency with a full-service character. This means that in the last 10 years, complete departments have been created and thus a completely new and comprehensive agency structure has emerged. Of course, the number of our employees has also grown considerably in recent years. From about 10 people back then, we have grown to almost 100 people today! With new employees came new locations. In addition to Munich (the headquarters), the locations Traunstein (2013), Barcelona (2018) and Vienna (2021) were added. In the meantime, we rebranded three times until we ended up with our current name, valantic DXA. 

In addition to the number of our employees, our locations and our company names, our number of clients has also grown during this time. We have gained many loyal customers and with them exciting projects. This has allowed us to expand our knowledge on the one hand and to grow with the challenges on the other. 

We have celebrated successes together, mastered problems and relied on each other in our daily work. We were also able to get to know each other better outside of the work context during a cosy after-work beer or our regular agency parties.

For all this we have nothing more to say than THANK YOU!

For the anniversary, all our 10-year anniversaries receive a certificate and an individual and well-considered gift - after all, we had 10 years to get to know them and find a suitable gift.
On the day of the anniversary, there is a shout-out to the jubilarians from the managing directors via our internal channels, which is usually followed by a wave of congratulations from colleagues. We also like to communicate this success externally via our social media channels and via our "Wall of Fame" - the pictures of our 10-year-olds are provided with a corresponding logo:

We asked Stefan, Domenico and Alexandra about their last 10 years with us. One or two funny anecdotes from the past also came out.

Here you can find the interviews:


Here you can find out what Nico has to say about his development from intern to Chapter Lead Marketing.
Among other things, he talks about his job interview at valantic DXA, what the best moments were for him in the last 10 years and how he never actually planned to stay with the company for more than 3 months.


Steve tells you a bit about his last 10 years at valantic DXA. He also reveals how he found a good work-life balance, what the little "hero moments" at work were for him and what little tricks he played on his colleagues in his early days.



Over the last 10 years, Alex has developed from an apprentice to a senior art director. Here you can read about her best experiences and biggest challenges during this time. She also reveals how she ended up at valantic DXA in search of a new car.




In the last few years we have developed a lot and are proud of the agency we are now. Our success is based on the young, dynamic and highly qualified team that has grown over the years. At the same time, the team spirit has never been lost. We are grateful for all our loyal and reliable colleagues. You make valantic DXA what it is.

Here's to many more years together!

It's about time you started your first 10 years with us!

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