Storybook JS

The open source tool Storybook is used in the development and testing of UI components. Thanks to its flexibility, it offers developers and designers numerous advantages.

Storybook JS is an interactive UI development environment for creating modular user interfaces. It runs outside the respective programme as a web application in its own environment. This allows the UI components to be developed and tested in isolation without regard to app-specific requirements. The application does not have to be built in before testing, but can be tested completely independently. Especially with large projects, programming is greatly facilitated because the entire project does not always have to be reloaded.  

Storybook visually documents the different states of an application and functions as a "living style guide". Over time, the set of components forms a library that can also be used for future projects. Thus, Storybook improves the development process in the long term and leads to enormous time savings. 


Adjustments to user interfaces are usually very time-consuming. Even with small changes in the code, the entire app has to be reloaded to check the changes. With the help of Storybook JS, developers can check their changes immediately, as the components are edited outside the actual app. This increases productivity. When Storybook is opened in the cloud, multiple teams can work on implementing a user interface at the same time. 

Storybook also offers a lot of flexibility and supports common frontend libraries and frameworks such as React, React Native, Angular, Vue and more. It is also extensible through add-ons. Stories can, for example, be provided with comments or linked to projects from UI Designer tools. 

Finally, each story becomes a use case that can be found and reused with the help of Storybook. This allows companies to create, edit and test even complex user interfaces in an efficient and organised manner. 

Especially when adapting and expanding very large projects, Storybook offers a perfect opportunity for secure and constantly verifiable component development.

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