AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)

AEM is Adobe's leading enterprise content management system (ECMS). It enables nothing less than almost limitless design possibilities for corporate websites with complex requirements.

The Adobe Experience Manager is a complete solution from Adobe in which content management, data administration and, above all, graphic editing flow into one another. Due to the limitless possibilities, the AEM is very interesting for companies - but due to its complexity, it is also not easy to use.


In the search for a powerful content management system (CMS), larger companies inevitably come across AEM. The solution from Adobe offers attractive advantages such as integrated digital asset management (DAM), a connection to the Adobe Cloud as well as location-independent and cross-team collaboration in just one central system. This means that websites can be designed, edited and maintained from a single source throughout the company. All people involved in a project work together digitally networked in AEM. Developers, designers, content managers and editors create and edit all related components and have joint access to all relevant files. This flexibility in internal and external collaboration is the USP of the Adobe Experience Manager.


The AEM is ideal for groups or larger companies with the necessary resources in terms of staff and budget. However, the enormous tool with its fantastic possibilities also quickly presents companies with unexpected challenges. Setting up an AEM project correctly is technically and structurally quite demanding. The perfect AEM solution therefore usually requires experienced service providers for support, set-up and consulting. They guarantee quick support in case of sudden problems and continuous optimisation work - the smart way to use the AEM in the long term and lucratively.  

Used correctly, the Adobe Experience Manager can handle fantastic web projects that are graphically and functionally almost perfect. However, in order to be able to handle such projects, sound expertise is necessary in all departments involved in the project. 

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