Entry opportunities at valantic DXA

All beginnings are difficult? Not with us. Here you can find out about training, studies, internships and more.


A degree with honors, several years of professional experience, foreign language skills and a moon landing. The requirements for young professionals are exorbitantly high.

We want to make your start in professional life as easy and pleasant as possible. We want to develop your strengths and help you realize your potential. What counts for us is your will, your personality and your willingness to lend a hand. Even if there are plus points for a moon landing.

That's how you get your foot in the door at valantic DXA :


Do you like to code and are you a bit nerdy? Then complete the dual training as an IT specialist for application development at valantic DXA . From the very beginning, you will work on exciting projects - with a lot of freedom and intensive support at the same time. We will prepare you optimally for your career start - preferably right here with us...

Dual studies

In cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Ravensburg, we offer two dual degree programs. Give free rein to your creativity in the Media Design course and the assignment in our Creation chapter. Or learn how to apply marketing strategies directly in practice in the Communications Management course.

Working students

You've already found your dream course of study but want to know what you can really expect in your career?

We are always hiring working students in various areas.



Are you still in the discovery phase? Test your strengths, get a taste of agency air and find your entry into professional life. You can do an internship with us in the areas of software development, marketing, project management and graphics.


What makes us who we are? Courageous creative minds who set high standards for themselves every day and bring in new impulses. To achieve this, we rely on flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and mutual trust. Whether in a customer meeting, in the home office or in a beer tent - we are a well-coordinated team.


We are looking for problem solvers, tacklers, team players and creative minds. Are you communicative, organized, wild, a little crazy, detailed, committed, success-oriented and open? Then you are just like us - then you are valantic DXA.

You have feedback, questions or just wanted to say hello? Is there a topic you'd like us to write about in a post? Just get in touch with us.

On Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook or TikTok you can get an even better picture of us.

Look at where you can currently contribute your skills.

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