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Video killed the Radio Star, or - Moving image content is the most effective way to transport content to target groups.

Good content must be informative and entertaining, appealing and exceptional. If the presentation is also dynamic, high distribution is guaranteed. The only medium that combines all these elements is moving image. Video content is, so to speak, the supreme discipline in content marketing - complex to create, but with excellent results.

Why are videos so important in content marketing?

Media behaviour is subject to permanent change and further development. From daily newspapers to radio to digital news, new ways of reception have developed with every medium and every technical advancement. The world turns faster, so the needs for information and entertainment of the target group must also be served faster. Short videos can be conveniently consumed in "in-between" phases, such as in the waiting room, on the train or in similar scenarios. Thanks to the combination of expressive image content and informative audio tracks combined with the dynamic nature of the videos, maximum information content is absorbed in a very short time. Thanks to increasingly powerful smartphones and, at least in part, powerful connections, both the possibility of interference-free playback and the demand for corresponding content are constantly increasing.

Statista - Proportion of people who access online content at least rarely in Germany in the years 2011 to 2018

Every receiver can become a transmitter at the same time. With just a few clicks, a short clip can be recorded and posted without the need for great skills in setting and film editing. Entire networks like TikTok are based on this idea that anyone can become a content creator. Videos are so successful because the processing of information is much faster than with comparable texts. Videos are demonstrably useful for increasing conversions or appealing to consumers. Many marketing experts consider video content as a crucial measure for a high ROI.

For whom is video content marketing relevant?

In principle, video content is relevant for every company. Used correctly, it can drastically enhance the level of awareness and the image of a company. Used incorrectly, the image is also influenced, but not in the desired way. Product launches and the specific addressing of existing and new target groups can also be the task of video content. Tutorials, explanations, the answering of specific questions or a pure presentation of the department, individual employees or the entire company can also be implemented excellently with videos.

To what extent is moving image advertising on the internet basically suitable for achieving the following marketing goals?

Video content can support many marketing goals, but it has one major disadvantage compared to other content measures such as text or images. The creation of moving image content, provided it is done correctly and sustainably, is associated with high effort and corresponding costs. However, if done correctly, video content also brings a lot more than other content materials. They are more dynamic, longer-lasting and more effective.

How is the creation going?

Good video content must be prepared, shot and edited in detail. Exceptions prove the rule, but most of the time, even deliberately "simple" or amateurish films are the result of precise preparation and a clear target group approach. Every shoot begins with the development of a central idea and a storyboard. The core message of the video must be defined as well as the approximate length and the frame story. Then individual scenes are worked out in as much detail as possible so that a coherent picture emerges throughout the shoot. Other questions that need to be clarified:

  • Do real people appear and are original sounds recorded?
  • Will a narrator be engaged or or will the content be transmitted via subtitles and music? 
  • Are animations planned?
  • Will stock footage have to be used or can all scenes be shot on location?
  • Do filming permits have to be obtained?
  • Do extras or actors have to be cast?

Only when all these questions have been clarified in advance can the shoot be carried out. Effective time management is important because setting up a film location already takes a lot of time and the individual scenes are also very time-consuming.

Does video content make sense despite high effort?

Video content is cost-intensive and time-consuming, but at the same time highly effective. Thanks to the increasing technical possibilities of the omnipresent mobile devices, video content is definitely an excellent way to address existing target groups, to attract new target groups and to draw attention to essential content. Most of the time, video content can antease products or explain mechanisms - but in any case, it ensures a higher conversion rate. In combination with the target group selection and viral mechanisms of digital media, videos are therefore not dreams of the future, but already reality.

Staista - Distribution of content marketing investments in the DACH region until 2020

So in principle, video content is recommended for all companies in a highly competitive environment or with an unclear image and low awareness.


Video content marketing offers numerous advantages in terms of increased awareness, engagement, conversion and image gain - if the content is prepared correctly. The investment in video content is worthwhile in any case, regardless of whether videos are played out in regular segments or only sporadically. In the digital age, it is necessary to attract attention with content. Only a few formats generate as much attention as professional videos.

Unprofessional videos can also generate attention, but that's another story, not necessarily a successful one...



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