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The Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising in Upper Bavaria consists of more than 350 institutions such as facilities for the elderly, care services, day care centres for children, support and residential facilities for people with a disability, assistance for people with a migration background and many more. The association has more than 9,000 employees.


A media centre based on a database that enables simple and uncomplicated digital asset management (DAM) was to be designed and programmed for the client. In the database, all purchased and own media, such as images and videos, should be available for different stakeholders at any time. The stakeholders will be given different rights and views in the DAM, according to their respective requirements.


Since the Caritas Association already manages its website on the basis of Pimcore, valantic DXA used the existing prerequisites and also programmed the desired database in the system. The advantage: Pimcore is ideal for all forms of digital asset management (DAM). In addition to the complex conception and strategic implementation, valantic DXA also realised many additional ideas for the meaningful expansion of the media centre. For example, in terms of templates for the easy creation of promotional materials for individual institutions and events. The system is also continuously optimised and expanded for all stakeholder requirements.

The project activities in detail

  • digital Asset Management (DAM) in PIMCORE


After the challenging implementation of the project by valantic DXA, a comprehensive and intuitively usable media centre with many helpful services and functions can be found under the domain It is a constantly evolving complex tool. In addition to a detailed asset search, which filters by categories, keywords and media if required, various advertising materials such as flyers, postcards or invitation cards can be conveniently configured and designed with just a few clicks. Assets, for example, can be easily integrated into the advertising materials by dragging and dropping.

In short, the new media centre enables all institutions and employees of the Caritas Association to create appealing, professional and uniform advertising materials without much effort or technical know-how. In addition, press representatives can also download articles and images.


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