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The Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising e.V. manages more than 350 facilities in south-eastern Upper Bavaria, such as homes for the elderly, nursing services, day-care centres, facilities for the disabled, migration services and many more. The association currently has around 9,000 employees.


Due to the growing shortage of skilled workers in the care sector in Germany and the resulting increasing competition in the job market, the Caritas Association urgently needed its own attractive job portal with an applicant portal, which of course had to match the new website relaunch. With detailed information about the association as an employer, current job advertisements, information about the application process and much more, the new, independent portal was to appeal directly to potential applicants.

In addition, an interface to SAP's Successfactors was necessary, as it is not only used to advertise new vacancies, but also for the application process. The focus of the implementation of the job portal should also be on user-friendliness and user journey.


The layout of the job portal should be modern and optimised for mobile devices. In addition, the job section was to be based on the layout of the new Caritas facility pages for maximum recognition value, but at the same time stand out as a separate section.

In order to facilitate content maintenance for all new Caritas websites, the new job portal was also included in the existing Pimcore installation of the facility pages.

The specially developed interface to Successfactors from SAP now not only shows the open job advertisements. Furthermore, the vacancies imported from Successfactors are also assigned to all Caritas Oberbayern facilities on an object basis and displayed there in the layout of the facility pages in the form of detail pages. In addition, a complex job search with map, Elasticsearch and multiple selection filtering was developed to provide the user with the best individual search result.

On the detail pages of the job advertisements, users also have the option of finding out more about the relevant institution, but also of returning to the job portal with all the important information at any time or entering the application process directly via Successfactors. This completes the user journey.

A calendar of events as well as attractive animations round off the offer for applicants on the job portal.

Projektinhalte im Detail

  • Konzeptionierung des Jobportals
  • Responsive Programmierung
  • Anpassung an das Design
  • Schnittstelle zu SAP Successfactors
  • Konzeptionierung und Programmierung der Jobsuche
  • Optimierung der User Journey
  • Veranstaltungskalender
  • Animationen


With the new job portal, the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising e.V. is now well prepared to hold its own against the competition in the search for nursing staff and other qualified applicants.

This is because the new portal enables Caritas to present itself as an attractive employer and provide detailed information to potential applicants at the same time. With the help of the interface to Successfactors, the association can now display current job vacancies including individual filter options and also guide interested applicants through the application process. By displaying the detailed information on the institutions' own pages, interested users can also find out about the institution that is advertising these jobs. In order to complete the ideal user journey, the user also has the option of returning to the job portal from the institution pages or starting the application process directly.


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