Digital full-text search is fast and uncomplicated thanks to Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch is an open source search engine for use in digital solutions. Thanks to Elasticsearch, structured, unstructured or numerical data, text data or geodata can be found quickly and without much computing effort. Thanks to numerous extensions, the search data can be analysed and visualised, providing concrete insights into the searches performed.


Elasticsearch offers a full-text search that can be built directly into a website or other digital solutions. The alternative would be to use your own search engines such as Google or Bing, but these do not perform as well in your own websites. 

Thanks to the inverted index, the search works almost in real time. Not all contents are examined individually, but only pre-created document indices that could match the search query. Each index is a collection of documents that are related to each other.
In addition, the Elasticsearch search query can be distributed to several individual servers, which makes the search much faster and more stable.
In addition, the search data remains the property of the respective company, unlike, for example, when using Google. 


Elasticsearch can strongly support search in numerous digital solutions. Depending on the use, a search in applications and websites is just as possible as a search in company data or even IT logs. The bottom line is that Elasticsearch can be used wherever content needs to be searched. 

The most realistic area of application is the full-text search for certain terms within a website. Despite excellent menu navigation, it can happen that individual terms cannot be found immediately. Thanks to Elasticsearch, one can search for corresponding terms within the website so that all relevant documents are displayed. 

The same principle can be transferred to apps as well as to an intranet search query in one's own company data. 
The installation of Elasticsearch is actually almost obligatory for companies. The advertising-free, fast and stable full-text search not only makes it easier for customers or employees to use, but also provides valuable analysis data thanks to additional features. 

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