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HENRICHSEN AG now not only increases the productivity of its customers through digitalisation, but also inspires them with its elegant new website and clear presentation of its products and services.


Die HENRICHSEN AG ist auf automatisierte Dokumentenverarbeitung und hybride Architekturen spezialisiert. Der Fokus liegt in der Digitalisierung kaufmännischer Prozesse in den Bereichen Einkauf, Finance, HR und IT. Im Vordergrund steht hierbei die Umsetzung einer hybriden IT, also dem Einsatz von Lösungen als OnPremises- und als SAAS-Variante in der Cloud.


HENRICHSEN AG approached DGTLS with an existing Typo3 website. The problem was that the constantly changing products and services could not be represented in a suitable way on the existing site, as it was not flexible enough for these requirements. In addition, it was important to the client to create a recognition value through a modern and unique design and thus better distinguish themselves from competitors.


DGTLS implemented a new site in a modern and unique design. The first special design element, an animation with After Effects, can already be found on the HOME PAGE. Variations of this can also be found on the  PRODUCT PAGES. In addition, there are animations with particle effects on the product pages and, at the very bottom, another animation accompanying "The following areas might also interest you".

The special feature of the page is that it does not contain any real pictures, but only illustrations, icons, colours, typo and thus shows that a website can also do without pictorial material.

Furthermore, the site has been designed so flexibly that products and services can be adapted as desired. Another very practical feature is that reference customers, whitepapers, news, events, etc. are tag-based and can thus be added to the pages without much effort. 
For the Events & Webinars section of the site, an interface to the Go2Webinar platform was implemented.

The FORMULARS on the page were integrated as iframes by Pardot and were adapted to the design of the page by DGTLS through individual styling, so that they fit into the page in the best possible way.

The project activities in detail


With the new website, HENRICHSEN AG now not only has a flexible site that can suitably display its constantly changing range of products and services, but its unique design also clearly sets it apart from its competitors!


Are you also planning a new website or a marketing campaign? Or don't yet know how or what or why at all? Then simply contact us - we will be happy to advise you.

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