An innovative project for an innovative customer. The new ECO STOR website is the first valantic DXA project to be realised entirely in Tailwind.

The Client

ECO STOR GmbH is a dynamic German-Norwegian company with the mission of creating storage capacities to enable a 100% sustainable energy supply. The operational focus is on the planning, project development, construction and operation of stationary battery storage power plants on a megawatt scale. ECO STOR GmbH is a German foundation of the Norwegian ECO STOR AS.

ECO STOR AS has set itself the goal of increasing the acceptance of renewable energies with sustainable and affordable energy storage solutions.


ECO STOR approached us with an enquiry for a relaunch of its current website. The focus was to be on a new, friendly and modern design, a wealth of information for investors and an attractive appearance for potential applicants. A bridge had to be built between a serious appearance on the investor side and an attractive appearance for applicants. In addition, the site was to be expanded in future with a glossary, i.e. a kind of knowledge database. Research results and the company's own findings are to be included here in order to emphasise ECO STOR's expertise.

With the relaunch of the website, ECO STOR wants to combine a figurehead for investors and applicants. The target groups in this sector could not be more different. A combination of very high expertise in the energy sector and a friendly, modern appearance of the company are in the foreground.

In addition to the programming, the special focus was therefore on a modern, friendly design in combination with a well-organised information overview on the subject of energy and energy storage.


The relaunch resulted in a very modern and technically sophisticated website that focuses entirely on the company's expertise in all aspects of energy storage and energy systems. We therefore opted for Pimcore in order to fulfil all requirements in terms of design, functionality, performance and content maintenance. The large main navigation links immediately to the corresponding subpages and is also immediately usable for the user on mobile devices. The various page areas and subpages were visualised graphically and company-related. The centrepiece of the website is a map and an illustration of the energy system, the ECO STOR system, which can easily display a high level of information content with the associated tool tips. The map shows the various projects that currently exist in Germany as well as future plans, including the associated locations and other information. In addition, a career area has been set up for applicants with an interface to Personio. Here the applicant is guided through the relevant information up to the application process.

The website for ECO STOR is the first site built entirely in Tailwind within our agency. We decided in favour of this approach due to several advantages. Firstly, the use of Tailwind ensures improved performance, and secondly, customised designs can be developed more quickly. Only required classes are used, which leads to a significant reduction in CSS files. In addition, it is not necessary to overwrite existing classes. Furthermore, rapid responsive customisation is possible.

The website therefore represents ECO STOR perfectly. It is customised, efficient and innovative.

Die Projektinhalte im Detail



The new website combines modernity, usability, functionality and a wealth of information in a clearly organised presentation. With the new Pimcore-based solution, ECO STOR emphasises its technical leadership in the energy storage sector. The company's modern and progressive image is now conveyed by a few animated effects. The new elements provide a clearly organised summary of information and go into all energy storage options and projects in Germany. Locations and the energy system are presented clearly and vividly with detailed descriptions and associated images. Thanks to the new careers section, potential applicants can now easily recognise the relevant information on the advertised positions and are guided through the application process.


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