Publishing House Heinrich Vogel

Two new websites for Verlag Heinrich Vogel with a new look and a separate target group approach: with a new layout concept, store integration, a new search function and an additional login area for improved usability and user satisfaction.

The Customer

Verlag Heinrich Vogel is a brand of TECVIA GmbH and Germany's leading specialist transport publisher. In addition to specialist journals and online services, the publishing house also publishes specialist books, customer media, multimedia products and teaching and learning materials. For driving schools, the publishing house is also a complete supplier of products for the training company. The materials include, for example, learning apps and teaching software as well as special management software for the professional organization of driving schools. A popular product from the portfolio is the "Vogel-Simulator", a driving simulator for learner drivers, as well as the driving license app Fahren Lernen, which has been voted test winner several times.


A modern design and a target-group-specific approach on websites are crucial in order to make a professional and contemporary impression and to address the needs and interests of the target group in a targeted manner. An appealing layout and a clear target group approach improve the user experience and encourage visitors to identify with the website's offering. Targeting two different target groups (B2B and B2C) and the resulting improved usability and operability were the main objectives of the website redesign for driving instructors, specialist advisors and learner drivers. The requirements in this context also included the development of a new, contemporary design concept that can be adapted to different target groups.


Due to the individual interests of the different target groups (specialist advisors, driving instructors and driving instructors) and the different interfaces between these target groups, the decision was made to implement Pimcore. The experts at valantic DXA were able to process two domains using a single system. As requested by the customer, a more modern and suitable layout was designed for the websites at the same time, so that learner drivers (, driving instructors and expert advisors can now each navigate intuitively on their own domain ( and find relevant information more easily. In addition, new features have been added with the login area for driving instructors and the specialist advisor search. These make navigation easier and ensure a faster connection between learner drivers and specialist advisors. A new store integration and a connection to the internal merchandise management system have also been developed. Thanks to the significantly improved usability, customer loyalty is massively strengthened. Product information is better listed and easier to find. This increases the positive response from visitors. Easier contact with specialist advisors has a positive effect on reputation. The digital processes also relieve the burden on the sales force.

The project contents in detail

  • Programming of the new design
  • Complex sitemap structure
  • Integration of search function and login area
  • Design concept
  • Advice on UX
  • Support with technical adjustments
  • Layout support
  • Programming online order request tool


After an intensive project phase in which a solution was found for the client's requirements to address separate target groups, Verlag Heinrich Vogel now presents itself to separate target groups on two modern websites. Both sites offer information and added value on the topic of "learning to drive" and address their individual interests and needs more precisely, taking into account the B2B (driving schools and driving instructors) and B2C (learner drivers) approach. And it is precisely tailored communication that makes it possible to reach potential customers more effectively and attract their attention. By splitting up the websites and improving usability, good conditions are in place for successfully addressing target groups and achieving communication goals.