CDP - Customer Data Platform

Targeted customer approach thanks to well-maintained database.

A Customer Data Platform provides a platform for central storage, management and processing of relevant customer data. It represents a link between all data silos in the company and external channels. For example, data on user behaviour on a website or data from social media channels are used. This means that information from different sources can be collected and used directly by marketing. Thus, the database does not replace other platforms in the company but forms a flexible link between the already existing data carriers. 

The CDP helps companies to have a clear and central presentation of all relevant customer information and simplifies the administration and processing of this data. This saves time and costs and reduces the risk of errors.  


A customer data platform creates the possibility to link several different data sources in the company with external channels (e.g. social media, mail, display, etc.). Data silos can thus be broken down and all information can be combined with that from other data silos. Thus, for example, an individual user profile can be created for each customer and filled with customer-relevant data. 

This data can in turn be used for the segmentation of target groups, for example to adapt newsletters or other marketing campaigns exactly to the respective target group. 

By personalising the data in a customer profile, communication can also be much more targeted and personalised. For example, personal discount codes for birthdays or a specific tone in mails are ways to establish a more intensive connection with the respective customer. The more individual and clearer data management simplifies customer loyalty extremely. A cultivated customer base is much more lucrative than a customer base that has to be built up again and again. Loyal customers also become brand ambassadors among their own circle of acquaintances. 

A customer data platform enables companies to perfectly manage brand activities across all channels. It is now essential for a targeted customer approach. 

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