valantic Trendreport 24 - Shaping the Future of Digital Experience

The digital world never stands still! On the contrary, thanks to new technologies such as AI, agencies, service providers and companies must constantly reorient themselves. Ongoing training, risk assessment, technical training in the use of new tools and monitoring of results are necessary in order to maintain an overview and use ideas sensibly. The new valantic Trend Report 24 provides an overview of the most important new developments and innovations. Numerous experts discuss what they consider to be the most important topics, classify their relevance and show how they will influence the future.

Innovative Digital Experience Services in 2024

Titled "Mastering the AI Landscape", the trend report describes the development of artificial intelligence from a visionary idea to an indispensable tool in day-to-day business. It shows how artificial intelligence is moving from concept to corporate reality. It is well known that data is the new gold. The decisive factor is how to navigate the data universe. The trend report also provides an answer to this question. The impact of AI on (social) content is highlighted as well. After all, not all artificially generated content is inspiring. So how can the full potential be exploited? Finally, despite all the enthusiasm about AI, it should not be forgotten that a suitable set-up is crucial for success. The trend report therefore also highlights hyperautomation and AI as driving forces in the digital transformation of a company, with low-code platforms playing a crucial role as enablers of this hyperautomation.

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Digital Commerce in Transition

How does AI affect eCommerce? Sebastian Drickl, Managing Partner at  valantic DXA, has written an article on this topic in the current valantic Trendreport 24, which shows how technological progress is expressed in concepts such as conversational commerce and composable commerce. The topic of sustainability also plays a major role in sustainable commerce. It also provides an outlook on how product configurators and user hubs can improve the online shopping experience.

Sebastian Drickl

Managing Partner valantic DXA

Conversational commerce turns online shopping into a dialog-oriented process in which customer needs can be identified and addressed in a more targeted manner. This form of e-commerce reflects the growing trend of using technology to strengthen customer loyalty and optimize the purchasing process.

In the world of online shopping, the introduction of conversational commerce marks a significant turning point as traditional e-commerce is optimized by communicating with AI-driven chatbots or virtual assistants in real time. Systems such as Product Information Management (PIM) help to manage and present content efficiently. The quality and structuring of the data determine how well artificial intelligence (AI) is able to respond to customer inquiries and provide tailored recommendations. Companies that want to prepare for the future should therefore store and manage their data in a structured way. A proactive approach to data management and structuring ensures that companies remain competitive and can react quickly to new trends and technologies in e-commerce.