Tracking facilitates all digital processes because it allows concrete analyses and a review of the actions taken. Tracking is one of the most important elements of the digital world.

Tracking is relevant in many areas of a company. The departments of marketing, sales, IT, HR, purchasing and management can use tracking in various forms to identify potential, uncover possible weaknesses or illustrate correlations.  
Regardless of the goals to be tracked, the methodology always runs according to the same principle: data is received in a defined programme and evaluated on the basis of certain parameters. 

For regular website tracking, free tools such as Google Analytics or paid tools can be used. With the help of this user tracking or web tracking, user behaviour on the company website can be identified. 
Tracking in social media can be helpful with regard to the interaction rate and the virality of posts; there are also special monitoring tools for this. 

Operators of an online shop have already integrated special e-commerce tracking, depending on the CMS used. 
Internal company data in the areas of purchasing, management or HR can also be tracked using a business intelligence solution. 


Tracking can only be meaningful and worthwhile if it defines and follows up on a specific goal. Without goals, the information obtained is worthless. The goals result from the requirements of the respective department. Marketing goals are structured completely differently than HR goals or goals in purchasing. 

The most important goals in each case are called KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These KPIs are so important that they should always be tracked. Possible KPIs are, for example, the number of website hits in the marketing department, cancelled transactions in an online shop, sales growth in sales, overtime worked by the company's own employees or project time in the IT department.  

In addition, each department can, of course, create its own specific goals. 

Tracking is an elementary component for the internal and external control of measures and processes. Companies benefit from valuable insights into customer behaviour as well as internal processes and can continuously optimise themselves based on the insights.

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