3D Animations

3D has always fascinated people - and today the technology is so advanced that new doors are opening for designers.

3D modelling software is the type of programme used to create detailed, three-dimensional images. Three-dimensional objects can be created in a simulated 3D space by entering coordinates. When animating, a moving image is then created from many individual images.


Many different steps are necessary to create a 3D animation:

  • Modelling of the 3D objects as a wireframe
  • Texturing the wireframe models: this involves assigning colours, textures and surfaces to the 3D model.
  • Rigging: setting the camera, preparing the models for animation
  • Animation of the finished models: objects, light and camera are positioned according to a time axis
  • Rendering: the actual image is created, for animations 25 frames per second are created
  • Post-processing and assembling all elements

Once all the movements have been defined, the 3D animation is output by means of rendering. Since often not all elements are "rendered" at the same time and foreground and background, for example, are processed separately, all elements are only joined together in post-processing.


If animations are used in web design or online marketing, this brings many advantages for companies. This is because the moving design elements increase the user's attention and improve the user experience. For example, certain areas of a website can be highlighted. Realistic 3D animations and detailed models also increase the credibility and clarity of complex illustrations.

The targeted use of 3D animations is important - they should not only serve to entertain the user, but also to support the business objective. Accordingly, it is important that the style of the animated objects also matches the corporate design.

With the help of 3D visualisations and 3D animations, captivating graphics can ultimately be created for many areas. From product development to product documentation to final marketing, 3D models can be used. If implemented correctly, you will convince all people who come into contact with your product or service.

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