Affiliate Marketing

Reach important target groups with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of paid online marketing in which companies (known as merchants or advertisers) work with partners (known as affiliates or publishers) to promote products or services and generate sales.

How affiliate marketing works

As affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing, it requires a website or landing page for the product in order to market a specific product. Attractive advertising material in the form of banners, text links, newsletters etc. are created for the product. In addition, a functional and data protection-compliant tracking system is set up. The advertising material, including the target links and integrated tracking, is integrated into the publisher's website. A commission is also defined, which is paid out to the respective publisher, for example, when a product is successfully ordered.

Example case: Hiking boots

  1. The publisher of a hiking blog about the best hiking routes in the Dolomites integrates a company's advertising material for hiking boots into a thematically appropriate blog post.
  2. The readers of the hiking blog are interested in a trip to the Alps and see the hiking boots on the page. They realize that they could actually use new hiking boots and click on the ad.
  3. They then land on the product's landing page. They are delighted and buy the new hiking boots.
  4. Thanks to the stored tracking, it can now be traced via which publisher and which advertising medium these hiking boots were purchased.
  5. The publisher of the hiking blog can then be remunerated with the commission previously determined by the advertiser.

This process can be simplified by affiliate networks such as Awin, Belboon and Digistore24. These networks bring together companies (advertisers) and potential partners (publishers). The advertisers specify the products to be advertised. They define the appropriate advertising media, provide tracking links for precise tracking and determine the corresponding commission for the individual products. Publishers can then easily integrate the files and information provided on their pages. The financial processing of the purchases (sales) made via them can also be controlled via the network.


Added value for your company

Cost-efficient product marketing

The biggest advantage for advertisers is probably the remuneration. This is because payment in affiliate marketing is largely performance-based. The basis of remuneration in affiliate marketing is primarily a commission model. Before the program starts, a payment is determined for a certain predefined conversion (sale, click, lead, etc.), which is paid out upon successful conversion.

This enables cost-efficient product marketing, as payment is only made for actual results.

Marketing of niche products

Affiliate marketing is also ideal for niche products. Affiliate networks bring together all kinds of companies and partners covering a wide range of topics and industries. Here you can find partners who can also place niche products on their sites.

National & international marketing

If not only the German market is to be served with the corresponding product, partners from other countries, including non-European ones, can also be found via the international affiliate networks.

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What you can expect from us

Affiliate strategy

After a detailed analysis of your products, target groups and competition, we create an affiliate strategy tailored to your needs and goals. We provide you with comprehensive advice on your potential with regard to an affiliate presence and the marketing of your products.

Setting up the affiliate program

After the strategy, it's time for implementation! Through close cooperation between you and us, we can set up an attractive affiliate program. We take care of functional and data protection-compliant tracking and the connection to the relevant affiliate network. We will be happy to create attractive advertising material and a meaningful program description for you. We create the commission groups for you and carry out an initial acquisition of selected publishers.

Regular support of the partner program

If you wish, we can also continue to manage your affiliate program and everything that goes with it: publisher acquisition, publisher communication, performance monitoring, maintenance in the event of commission changes, advertising material renewals, exclusive cooperations and unique campaigns or promotions

...and all of this very flexibly!

We advise you exclusively and offer you an individual solution for your target project. You can decide for yourself which tasks you want us to take on during implementation and which you want to take on personally. This offer of flexibility also remains in place during the collaboration. We are happy to support you in all matters.

Affiliate marketing has become an integral part of everyday digital life and an advertising segment that offers companies and their online sales partners many opportunities and possibilities. We are happy to support you in the holistic implementation and management of an affiliate program.

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