Start your own website "out of the box", without any previous knowledge - WordPress makes this possible.

WordPress is an open source content management system primarily for creating blogs and also websites. The CMS is based on the script language PPHP. The paid version is an interesting option for companies to create competitive websites without much effort. 

With around 60 million users worldwide, the open source software WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and one of the best-known methods for creating your own websites or blogs. 

With its ease of use "out of the box" and clear presentation, the CMS is ideal for both advanced users and beginners. Hosting for WordPress websites is possible online or via the network, making the open-source system a true all-rounder. With the numerous third-party plugins, WordPress offers endless combinations and possibilities. In addition, the various themes, almost all of which also have a responsive design and are thus ideal for the use of mobile devices, simplify the design enormously.  


The numerous selection of free and paid plug-ins, the reduced design effort and the constant updating of the open-source CMS make WordPress particularly interesting for smaller companies. Websites, blogs, shops, e-commerce sites, business directories, wikis or knowledge databases can be created relatively quickly with Wordpress. 

However, the plugins are also the CMS's greatest weakness. They have to be constantly updated in order to provide all services reliably. The permanent checking and updating increases the administrative effort on the developer side. 

Nevertheless, WordPress is a cost-effective alternative to higher-quality and more extensive systems and is therefore highly interesting, especially for small businesses. Thanks to numerous ready-made design elements and plugins for the most important functions, websites can go live with little effort.

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