The Shopware software enables companies to create their own online shop and manage it individually.

Shopware is a German e-commerce software with numerous CMS functionalities. The browser-based shop system simplifies the entry into e-commerce for shop operators who have no IT knowledge. The design of the shop is freely selectable from numerous templates and can be completely customised. Thanks to the simple and intuitive functionality of the backend, customers can enter various components such as products, product images, descriptions or product details themselves.


Shopware is based on the Zend Framework and uses the PHP programming language. The installation and setup must be carried out once by a developer. Special extensions for marketing, administration, analysis and design are provided by means of plugins. These plugins can be freely created by the community and are checked in advance by Shopware employees. This quality control ensures a constantly high performance of the software.


Shopware can be used without programming knowledge except for the initial setup. The intuitive backend allows simple editing without extensive training. Shop operators can manage all areas of their shop themselves without developer assistance. The possibility of adding further functions such as a blog, an affiliate system or internal analysis allows the system to be viewed like a regular website. Shopware combines e-commerce and CMS into one solution. 

In this way, shop owners have complete control over the content and general design of the shop at all times. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, this is an important aspect for selling products effectively and without much effort. 

Thanks to Shopware, online shops can be operated without much programming effort. Small and medium-sized businesses, but also large companies, thus have the chance to design their online shop based on their CI and to update it independently.

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