With Symfony, programmers can create web projects very quickly and easily. Numerous advantages of the framework make its use interesting, especially in the agency environment.

Symfony is a special open-source web framework in the PHP scripting language. A framework has the task of setting a framework through predefined classes and functions in which websites, applications or services can be programmed very quickly and as efficiently as possible.  

Web frameworks are characterised by clear and simple structures, so that programmers can implement their projects very quickly and without much effort. Programming work is greatly simplified by frameworks such as Symfony, which has an effect on the quality of the work on the one hand and on the resources required on the other.  


Symfony is one of the most advanced frameworks and is extremely widely used due to numerous advantages. Symfony benefits above all from a huge community with a tight code of conduct, which constantly works within the framework and thus makes new functions and bundles available.  

Bundles in Symfony are independent and completely separate applications. These applications contain specially programmed elements that can be used on any website. This means that basic modules do not have to be programmed independently, but only adapted. The bundles thus ensure much faster process progress. 

Symfony is structured according to the MVC concept. This means that Symfony takes over the complete database management (model). The integrated template engine Twig separates the template from the project code, so that design and programme code (view & code) are clearly separated. The framework is used in numerous CMS and e-commerce systems such as Shopware or Pimcore. 

Due to the collaborative character of Symfony, several developers can work on a project at the same time without getting in each other's way. Especially in the agency environment, Symfony is an important tool for programming web projects. Elements can be created faster and easier, saving agencies resources and companies money.  

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