E-mail marketing is a standard part of every online marketing mix and offers diverse potentials. With a newsletter as a marketing and communication tool, reaching the target group is feasible almost without wastage.

Newsletters are a powerful tool in marketing. This is shown above all by the strong annual subscriber open rates of around 25%. In some industries, the open rate after subscribing to a newsletter is even almost 40%. However, in order for the newsletter campaign to be a success, important aspects must be observed in professional email marketing.


As a company, you have the possibility to pursue different strategies with the help of newsletters. By sending newsletters, customers can be reactivated, but also current customers can be informed about developments and news. Furthermore, current and spontaneous offers can be advertised and announced in the best possible way. By sending certain advance information or goodies (e.g. discounts) to important target groups, customer loyalty can also be strengthened. Newsletters are therefore perfect for building up a regular clientele.  
The great advantage of a newsletter is that the target group has already handed over its data when subscribing and wants to have the information accordingly!  


A newsletter is basically a powerful marketing tool to achieve numerous goals, but professional email marketing requires a high level of support.  
Lists of recipients must be constantly updated, because faulty address databases lead to faulty personalisation and thus testify to unprofessionalism.  
The design of the newsletter must be appealing to the recipient without neglecting the technical component. This means that the newsletter must be displayed correctly in the various email clients as well as on mobile devices (smartphone, etc.). 
The newsletter must be sent using a powerful and legally compliant email marketing tool. The providers CleverReach and Newsletter2Go offer an optimal alternative for this.  

The target group expects absolute premium content. In order to ensure this individual, high-quality and interesting content on an ongoing basis, professional, competent and intensive support is necessary.  

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