The open source platform Kibana is used to analyse collected data from the Elasticsearch search engine.

Kibana is a browser-based open source analysis and visualisation platform. Kibana enables the display, visualisation and analysis of data collected in the Elasticsearch search engine. 
Elasticsearch is a fast, scalable and high-performance search engine for searching applications, websites, corporate data or IT infrastructures used by numerous companies. 


Based on Elasticsearch, Kibana provides the functions for data visualisation. In a graphical frontend, which is specially designed for the presentation of data from Elasticsearch, the prepared data can be filtered as desired with the help of numerous functions. Kibana thus enables dynamic, interactive and appealing presentation in real time. 
The display options include graphs, time series and various diagrams. 


Like all other components of the ELK stack, Kibana is freely available open source software that can be used independently of manufacturers and is supported by many platforms. Kibana allows a quick and uncomplicated visualisation of the indexed data in Elasticsearch. Dashboards can be created and shared without much effort.


What is indexed in Elasticsearch can be visualised with Kibana. For example, business transactions, such as sales for distribution, can be displayed on a map to identify lucrative sales territories geographically. If Elasticsearch is used to extend mobile applications with search functions that offer features such as autocomplete or sorting by relevance, Kibana visualises the product or customer data that has been indexed for this purpose, for example. Thanks to Kibana, search queries can be visualised and analysed very quickly so that this data can in turn be used in a targeted manner. 

Kibana is a versatile visualisation tool. Elasticsearch/Kibana-based analyses thus offer a wide range of possibilities for examining a wide variety of business data in a detailed and at the same time intuitive way. With this solution, companies can extract even more value from their data. 

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