Nowadays, the requirements for websites are very high. They should not only look smart and present important information, but also enable visitors to interact digitally. The programming language JavaScript plays its part in laying the technical foundations for optimal interaction.


Together with html and CSS, JavaScript is the third standard technology on the internet. HTML is responsible for the structure of a website, CSS influences the style of the page, JavaScript takes care of the dynamics.
The programming language is responsible for dynamic HTML in web browsers. It is therefore relevant for the creation of dynamic websites and helps to carry out complex processes on a website.  

As soon as dynamic elements and content are used, a scripting language like JavaScript comes into play. 


Online shops are a classic example of the use of JavaScript. The visible elements of the shop page build up immediately, while the individual shop elements reload. This drastically increases the page speed.  Other typical examples of use on websites are animations, image galleries, sliders or functions that are executed when a button is pressed. Through dynamic manipulation, JavaScript also allows websites to adapt to their users.  

Nowadays, JavaScript is mainly used in the development of dynamic web apps such as Netflix, Instagram or Facebook.
In addition to the numerous positive factors, however, JavaScript always carries a certain risk. Under certain circumstances, the dynamic capabilities can be used to reload malicious codes in the background. 

The JavaScript function is activated by default in all browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari. However, it can also be deactivated in the various browsers with a few clicks.  

The use of JavaScript makes absolute sense in many cases. Especially pagespeed and user experience benefit from the use of the programming language.    

However, the implementation should only be carried out by trustworthy experts in order to exclude misuse. 

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