The perfect e-commerce framework for Pimcore.

CoreShop is a flexible e-commerce framework that is exclusively available for Pimcore. It is built directly into the platform and offers companies the opportunity to improve their own online shop and implement individual content. 

Other additional services such as consulting and training for companies round off the offer.  


The adaptable system accesses both Product Information Management (PIM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM) in Pimcore to optimise the e-commerce solution for companies. With the help of these, complex and large amounts of data can be managed as well as incorporated and edited in the online shop. The user-friendly functionality allows for quick and easy publishing of media or content. CoreShop offers various packages in which the user can put together different functions as he or she wishes. These can be arranged individually or used collectively and can be configured to meet the individual needs of the company.  
As is usual with open software, CoreShop is backed by a large community that always provides feedback and troubleshooting.  


CoreShop is on the one hand enormously flexible, but on the other hand also highly customisable. The software can therefore be used for companies of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. 

CoreShop is the perfect complement for Pimcore-based digital solutions. The system runs without additional API or other integrations and can still be adapted for any use. 

In combination with Pimcore, CoreShop can be used to create target group-specific e-commerce experiences quickly and cost-effectively. This makes CoreShop the perfect e-commerce system for Pimcore-based online shops. 

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