valantic DXA Task Force DEV

The 5th of April 2022 was all about development. For the first time, we brought together representatives of our developers, chapter leads and CEOs to a "Task Force DEV" to reflect on our cooperation in a workshop and to set the course for a successful future.

The Idea

Our environment in the digital business as a digital agency and pimcore agency is changing and developing rapidly. Our job is to keep up with developments, which in turn means that yesterday's status quo may be outdated tomorrow.

Thus, we are constantly in change processes to remain fit for the future and to continue to offer our services, Digital Experiences, Digital Advertising and Digital Transformation effectively. This path is not always easy, and we do not want to go through it alone, because one constant remains: Our team members.

It is important to us to create a motivating and productive working environment for our teams, as well as to give them room to shape their own working environment. Who better to explain the needs and identify the issues than the team that works with the processes every day?

The Workshop

On the workshop day itself, we tried to create an environment that would encourage innovative and entrepreneurial thinking. After a brief retrospective, we got to work on the really important issues. What concepts, processes, positions, junior staff, etc. do we need to be able to shape the future well? How does the business perspective relate to this? Which ideas can we implement within our agency context in a realistic way? Using various methods such as discussions, brainstorming sessions, and a World Café, we tackled the topics and were able to collect important input for our future concepts.

Our Conclusion

An exciting and busy day full of ideas, perspectives, and different opinions. Once more, our Task Force DEV showed what a great team we really have. We are looking forward to a common future in our agency! Of course, the after-work beer at the dinner together was a pretty good end to a pretty successful day.

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